UPDATE: Mayor Tamburro is introduced an ordinance on Wednesday September 4th. This ordinance will place a weight restriction on trucks that are allowed to travel on Cranbury Station Road, Prospect Plains Road and Cranbury Half Acre Road west of Applegarth Road. A truck weighing more than eight tons will not be allowed on these major arteries into Cranbury. This weight limit will force these tractor trailers to follow their already approved routes to route 130 or Liberty way in Cranbury. There will be a public hearing for a final reading, public comment, and vote on Monday, October 7. If approved, this ordinance would then be forwarded to Middlesex County and the state Department of Transportation for final approval.

Help Monroe. Stop Cranbury tractor trailers.

These trucks are causing traffic and dangerous driving conditions.

A recent study has shown that many of the trucks coming into Monroe are heading for warehouses in Cranbury. There are other plans currently in the works to develop more industrial parks in Cranbury that will only worsen the problem.

We need to act quickly to find plan of action to keep the drivers in our community safely and quickly. Will you stand with Mayor Tamburro to keep our city streets safe and clear of traffic?

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